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legal glory

Car Insurance: Legal Expenses Cover – Make It an Essential

Posted on November 16, 2018 in Uncategorized

Sometimes it’s just not enough to be insured, as Simon, our accountant, found out recently. He loves his car, a BMW 7 Series with metallic silver paint, and thinks of it as one of the family. So he made sure when arranging his insurance that he had every angle covered, and he chose to get the optional extra of legal expenses cover.

This optional extra doesn’t add much to the premiums, but it can make a real difference in the event of an accident or claim. Even comprehensive insurance doesn’t cover everything. So when Simon’s car was hit in the back at the traffic lights a few months ago, he made the most of the extra capabilities that the legal cover gave him.

For example, Simon works as a self-employed accountant. If he’s not working then he doesn’t get paid. The BMW’s repairs were all covered by his comprehensive insurance and the paintwork would soon be restored to its former glory, but what about Simon and the fact that his wrist was broken in the accident?

Thanks to the legal cover, the processes of compensation for Simon were soon underway, and all at no extra cost. For just £2 a month extra on his premiums, Simon’s legal advisers organised a compensation payout for his broken wrist. Simon was also unable to go back to work for a month so he would not be receiving any pay. Again, the legal cover stepped in and as we speak, negotiations are in the final stages to ensure that he receives compensation for his loss of earnings.

The whole point of this type of cover is that if you were not at fault in the accident, you can receive compensation for various issues that will inconvenience you. In Simon’s case, this was loss of earnings and personal injury. For others, it may be that they can use the cover to rent a car while their car is being fixed at the garage. Not all people’s car insurance provides provisions for a hire car. With legal expenses cover, you don’t have to suffer such high levels of inconvenience, and you’re not out of pocket.

As with any type of insurance, you don’t appreciate it until you actually have to make a claim. Having legal expenses cover makes it all so easy, as all you need to do is complete the claim form then sit back and wait for the insurer to send you the settlement cheque when the matter has been negotiated. You may need to talk to the solicitor assigned to your case, but your involvement will be minimal. If the case has to go to court, you may not necessarily have to attend. The process will run very smoothly and you can be sure that your insurer will do everything they can to get a satisfactory outcome.

When you buy your car insurance next time, look out to see if it’s included automatically, or if you need to get it as an extra. Because most of the insurance policies sold on the Internet are focusing on being cheap, they often won’t include legal expenses cover in the initial quote, as it would affect the premium. So be sure to select it as an extra when you get the opportunity.

Prices vary for this type of cover from insurer to insurer. They range from £17.85 per year with More Than to £24 per year with Budget – so it’s not going to break the bank. Not many insurers include it for free, but Admiral is one of the companies that does.

So don’t forget to get legal expense cover when the time comes. Disputes can be long and complicated and payouts can add up to millions of pounds, in which case you will really benefit from making this simple and cheap choice.

Guts and Glory But No Plot and Story

Posted on November 15, 2018 in Uncategorized

In today’s age computer gaming has become a sub-culture. It has actually been like that for years, since the days of Kings Quest 1, Zorg, Dig Dug and Pac-Man.

Over the past two decades there has been much advance in the computer gaming industry which is one of the most profitable industries in the world. In the old days all you needed was a good idea and a good programmer, some sound a bit of art and you had a masterpiece. Today computer game companies use scores of programmers, musicians, artists and games testers to produce their products.

As a result we have moved forward at a rapid pace in aspects such as graphics rendering, AI (artificial intelligence) and the general atmosphere or beauty of the game. It seems that every three months or even less the industry improves substantially. It is almost a digital assembly line. In fact, one could argue that it is exactly that. Mass production. In Hollywood the adage goes that if a formula works reuse it, it seems that the computer game industry has adopted the same view.

How many shooters followed Wolfenstien? How many strategy games followed War Craft? How many role-playing games followed Ultima? What were the differences? Graphics, sound and ease of play. No quantum leap forward – no new game genres. Sadly on top of this we have seen the exit of the adventure game genre, most probably because it requires much thought.

As a result a counter-culture of the gaming sub-culture has arisen – Retro Gaming – where gamers are returning to the simplicity and originality of abandon-ware or old games. This is obviously a niche market but allows some chance for aspiring games programmers who do not have a team of developers and a budget of millions to work with.

Like all areas of life there will always be the die-hard, and in the gaming culture its the retro gamer who can download most old games legally and for free off of the internet. Play on you hard-core enthusiasts.


William Aloysius Keleher Legal Career

Posted on November 13, 2018 in Uncategorized

William Aloysius Keleher (1886-1972) became interested in law while observing the events at Bernalillo Country Courthouse. He joined a Law School at Washington and Lee University in Virginia the month of September, 1913. After nearly two years (mid-1915), he received his Bachelor of Law degree and was admitted to the New Mexico Bar after a few months.

After graduating, William Keleher pursued a career in law and relentlessly practiced it. Eventually, he created a law firm that would one day, become the oldest and the most prestigious law firm in New Mexico. In 1929, he was joined by A. Howell McLeod and together, they became the most prominent trial lawyers in New Mexico. William’s sons (William B. Keleher & Thomas F. Keleher) chose to follow the same path, which practiced law at the family firm. Their descendant, Michael, also continued the family tradition by contributing to the growth of Keleher and McLeod. Today, the practice of law at Keleher & McLeod reflects the same dedication and passion, undoubtedly. Although the Keleher & McLeod corp. is not connected to the family, William B. Keleher and Thomas F. Keleher are the proud shareholders of the firm. It is located in Bernalillo County, Albuquerque, New Mexico.

Keleher & McLeod’s service promises to fulfill the destiny that guided the founding of the firm a long, long time ago. Its roots are indeed very deep in the state and it has eventually grown into one of the state’s most prominent commercial and civil law practitioners. However, it does not let all the glory get to its head; rather, Keleher & McLeod remains committed to the same legacy, commitment, and competence that made it a big success almost a hundred years ago.

It is universally known that in the long run, service matters the most. The attorneys and staff at this firm are devoted to providing superior-quality legal services to fulfill the requirement of the valued clients, and they do it in a quick yet efficient manner. The attorneys are always responsive and available for any kind of updates on the legal matters’ status.

With over thirty dedicated and adept staff, the firm promises to deliver. All of them are qualified and have vast experience in the field of law. Even when one is working with a single attorney, he will perceive the expertise of the whole firm. The attorneys at the firm can unequivocally be depended on.

Keleher & McLeod is simply unmatched in terms of experience. Being founded in 1915, it boasts as one of the oldest firms in the state. A big chunk of the firms’ employee comes from the UNM School of Law who are not only diligent, but also blessed with vast experience. In addition, they have been taking leadership in local and national professional associations on a regular basis. The firm whose attorneys are active in many social and charitable organizations, also posses a great sense of community. Simply put, the attorneys at Keleher & McLeod, with their vast experience, can be trusted to solve ones legal problems. Keleher & McLeod has represented innumerable prestigious companies and high profile individuals over the past few decades. Among them, Wells Fargo & Co., and affiliated banks, Texaco Inc, Albuquerque Public Schools Board of Education, Qwest Corporation, Merrill Lynch, Heller Financial are considered noteworthy.

The Bar Register Practice Areas of the firm are Trusts and Estates, Wills and Probate & Insurance Defense. Keleher & McLeod covers practice areas like Administrative, Antitrust, Bankruptcy, Business, Children, Constitutional, Disabilities, Employee Benefits, Environmental, Government, Conservator-ship, Insurance, Labor and Employment, Mergers, Partnership, Products Liability, Real Estate, Taxation, Trusts and Estates, Wills and many others.

William Aloysius Keleher was a man of vision. In his famous book, Memoirs, he mentioned that he had a feeling that perhaps destiny was guiding him in the direction of the courtroom. This was the pivotal moment when he decided to devote his life to the betterment of law in New Mexico. As a result of his vision and dedication, Keleher & McLeod was created which, even after nearly a hundred year of establishment, relentlessly thrives to fulfill the requirement of the valued clients by providing high quality legal services.